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Forty-third Entry. I can't handle all the women!
07-20-2003 | 8:41 p.m.

I haven't had a phone for nearly 3 months now. It sounds like it's a horrible punishment that belongs only in the deeper reaches of hell, but to be perfectly honest, I enjoyed it very much so. The thing is, however, that now that I have my phone back, I have a lot of time to make up. I'll be posting some new entries soon, not many, but I wrote them while my online connection was out of service... At any rate, it's good to be back folks.

So, for some reason my dating life has been better than ever. I mean, I've had girls look at me before...but never so many. Seriously, everywhere I go I have women staring me down with their cute, flirting smiles. They come on to me everywhere I go...It's becoming an epidemic. I'll elaborate.

I joined the Army a few months back-I can't remember if I posted about that, but that's a different story all together-and I walked into McDonald's. While eating my supersized fries, I was slipped a phone number. She, Crise, was absolutely stunning. At any rate, I called and we had a short-lived, but wondrous relationship...

On the 7th of July, my Papa died and so we went to California. My home state...far different from Alabama. Anyway, I stayed for about a week and a half and got back just three days ago. I was reluctant to go-I was never very close to Papa-but I got a whole lot closer to him while going through his old pictures and memories he chose to never share. I am grateful for the experience, but that's a different story....

In California, I had the moves made on me everywhere I went. I do mean everywhere. I went to an auto spa and some girl tried to pick me up. The girl at the register at Hot Topic tried to pick me up. The waitress at Olive Garden made her intentions perfectly clear. Three different girls in the airport blew me kisses. Getting on the plane from Dallas Fort Worth to Mobile, there was yet another woman that made a move on me. I didn't pursue anything...I mean, I was there for a funeral, and besides...I leave for the Army in a month....

Yesterday I went to the mall. There was a girl sitting on a bench in front of Ruby Tuesday's that was making all sorts of googly eyes at me. She was quite beautiful, as all of them have been...some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen...but I managed to walk off without pursuing her.

Today I went to the flea market with my mother, and thank whomever that she was there (I never say that and don't any of you ever tell her that I said it!). There was this one girl at the front shaved ice stand. A long tie-dye shirt that almost completely hid her short, deep red shorts. She had muscular, tan thighs...full, rounded, beautiful calves. Big eyes, dark and deep. Her long, dark brown hair was pulled up and her smile...oh, her smile...it weakened my knees from 10 feet away. Our gazes were locked together, both of us unable to look away. It took a customer 2 minutes of nagging to even get her attention...And, at my mom's lead, I kept walking, but still I looked back. Over my shoulder, or turning my whole body to face her while my mother picked through produce. Every time she was turned to me and staring. I must have been 50 feet away when she finally looked away-filling a customer's order. Maybe it was me just being delusional, but some guy nudged me and nodded his head to her while saying, "Looks like dat girl wouldn't mind a holla' from you." I would have gone and talked to her if my mother hadn't been with me. I'm glad she was there. I leave in a month and I don't need the distractions...Damn she was beautiful though..I'll be thinking about her and that missed connection for a week at least.

Anyone got any advice for me? I want to date these women, even a few of them that have tracked me down on Emode...but I know that it's futile because I leave in just a month. I'm not one for those quick flings..but I don't know how long I can go on like this. I mean, I turn 19 in two days and I've never had a fling..but these women..they drive me so crazy! Well, wish me luck..pray that I can stay strong.

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