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Forty-fourth Entry. Late birthday post #1
07-23-2003 | 1:22 a.m.

It's 1:09 A.M. Tuesday, July 22, 2003. It's my birthday today, and I'm not excited about it. In fact, I feel like it's just another Tuesday. "Nip + Tuck" premiers tonight, and for some reason, I find that a more interesting fact about the day than the fact that I turn 19. Is that normal?

Well, being 18 wasn't bad. In fact, it was kind of fun. I didn't utilize the year, though. I didn't go to a single club, I didn't go to a single porn shop, and I haven't participated in any of the other 18-year-old activities. I don't really intend on doing many of those things now that I'm 19, either. I hate to say it, but it's the simple truth. However, if I do go to Germany with the Army afterall....I have a feeling that I make up for all the partying that I've declined for the past 5 years. I'll end up drinking on a regular basis and who knows what else. The thing is, though, that I don't really see the problem with any of that. I don't see where it is vital to have my ass sealed up so tight that it is often compared to the Hoover Dam. I take myself too seriously sometimes..maybe it'll be good for me.

I was born at 5:08 A.M. on Sunday, July 22, 1984...so I'm really not 19 yet. In a few hours, yeah...but it's close enough. You know? There's no reason to get so technical about these types of things. Besides, it's really just another day in my eyes.

I don't think I'm getting any presents aside from cards from assorted extended family. I wish it was nothing. I don't want presents. I don't want gifts. And that's not one of those self-righteous things that people say. I don't deserve any, truth be told. I haven't given any gifts and haven't done anything to merit award for gifts. Also, I'm just not the type of guy to celebrate his own birthday.

At any rate, let's just see how the day unfolds....

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