Who wants flowers when you're dead? Nobody.
Forty-seventh Entry. It's the sweet symphony of ecstasy, It's music in watercolors.
07-24-2003 | 9:56 a.m.

Cabaret Voltaire. "International Language." ex-264. abandon thinking. everything you will hear in the next seventy-four minutes is true. Feel the beat. Move your hips. Feel the beat. Move your hips. Sway with the sound, let your soul be the breeze. Get up and dance, you have no control. An infection of sound, a disease of rhythm. Ecstasy never felt so good...

Integrate. Mingle. Get lost in the sea. You will not drown, you have gills. Rise above, become a cloud. You will not fall, you have wings. Close your eyes and drive. You will not die, there is no pain.

It's inside of me and it won't leave. It's apart of me now and I don't need room to breathe. Overcome me. Dominate my will. Take me to Saturn, let's dance on its rings. Listen to the wood burn, let its scent fill my lungs. Here comes El Nino....

Water drops sliding down stone spikes. Stalagmites in the sky. Smooth rock, this cave is a vein and my echo is its blood. Feel the beat. Move your hips. Feel the beat. Move your hips. Reality is alive.

Reptilian scales. Intricate design, homemade camouflage. Taste the air, find your prey. Hiss and grin, snap and coil. Suffocate. Struggle. Feed.........

The island is lost. The trees are its masters, but I hear something calling. Birds and monkeys. Then the drums. Canvas drums with a local beat and a spiritual intention. I am not alone. The waves roar as they crash. The sun glints off the water like a thousand glittering stars. Sand in between my toes, the trees whisper and move. Is this a hunt? Should I run? Should I hide? Quick, there's a bush over there! Duck under, blend in! Become one! But I cannot. I am intoxicated. I am won over. The seduction is too powerful..

Night falls, get in the car and go. The dark night a mistress filled with lights that are turned into neon streaks of life. Your shoulders bounce, your arms become liquid extensions. Take the turn and feel the wind blow across your face. All eyes on you, there exists nothing but this. Feel the beat. Move your hips. Feel the beat. Move your hips. You cannot resist. You are too weak. Move your hips. You cannot breathe, you cannot live. Move your hips. Move your hips. There is no choice, there is no rebellion. This is utopia, now move your hips.

If you have trouble understanding any of this, I can understand why. Simply, I can only tell you to listen to Cabaret Voltaire and then commence reading by all means. Perhaps then, if you read it at just the right times..take breaks at just the right moment, everything will come into perfect harmony for you. Well, at least until you hit track 6.

P.S., if you really like smooth music that is borderline dance...I strongly suggest getting chillout music. Music that serves you while you lay on the beach and tan. Music that serves you all summer long...I'm personally fond of CHILLOUT IBIZA 2. It's a 3cd set for around 23 dollars...tax included. Wondrous...

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