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Fifty-second Entry. Half-Life is great.
07-31-2003 | 12:34 a.m.

4: 34 PM
I just beat Half-Life. The video game, you know. It's a really long game for a first-person-shooter, and a really good one. It's no Final Fantasy VII by means of great, unforgetable game play, or with its length..or with the excellent aftermath gameplay..or it's mini games..or anything. However, I give Half-Life for the PS2 5 out of 5 stars. Excellent game...makes you think alot and absorbs you completely in its world. Or..worlds, as the case may be.

I wish they gave you the option to fight with your hands in the end, though. I would have totally survived. Nothing... NOTHING can beat me. Now I'll have to get Counter-Strike and own the online world with my pistol. Did I mention I am the world's best Half-Life sniper? I can kill someone/something from an incredible distance away with a few headshots performed by the weak, limited pistol. I really ought to get Counter-Strike..stop talking and start killing! Fantasy killing, of course. I wouldn't actually kill anyone! Hell, I don't even squash cockroaches.

Anyway, I have a way of knowing if I have spent too much time doing something in one day. It lets me know that I've gone overboard and should really cut back, or just get used to it. See, when I spend too many hours in one day dedicated to single thing, I end up dreaming about it. I don't like anything interrupting my sleep. Last night, for instance...the reason I couldn't sleep is because I was dreaming about Half-Life. I was strafing around corners and blowing the hell out of scientists, xen creatures, security gaurds, and military gimps...solved a few puzzles, too. Though, I didn't enhance the graphics..nor did I make it a reality.. I was dreaming about the game and not about some hopeless fantasy that had swallowed me up. I think that says a lot about me, personally. I'm realistic even in my sleep!

It used to be that when I got off of work around 10 PM, I'd spend the rest of the night dreaming about cutting fabric and working the register. I'd have a few bad customers and I'd tell them off, I'd have to measure outrageous amounts of fabric...I remember one time I spent an hour counting out yardage in my sleep...That was the entire dream...the ENTIRE dream.

It has been other things, though. Like my job before that...I'd dream of shoveling sand and vacuuming...and triming hedges..and..blah blah blah. Once, I spent an entire day getting it on...and spent the night dreaming about that...wasn't all that bad. I could go for it again. And oh, the way my body hummed till dawn with the illicit tinges of pleasure...waves craddling me in the night...it was wondrous.

But yes, I have my way of knowing that my mind has been dedicated to one thing for too long in one day. And now that I beat Half-Life, I'm going to go watch tv and stretch. I need to go on a run and work on my speed. I talked to the Army today, and I have to run a mile in 8 minutes and 30 seconds. I can run for five miles straight, once again. I don't know how fast I am, though. Got to boost my speed. Wish me luck!

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