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Fifty-ninth Entry. Andrew's Nipples are good!
08-01-2003 | 12:10 p.m.

9:44 PM

I went to check out Andrew's diary, he is the almighty creator and manager of Diaryland. That alone should give him props, right?

At any rate, I love reading his diary. He is my absolute favorite. He uses one of the templates the he set up, the red one with the white writing, with no alterations, save a comments section. Every entry, at least all the ones that I have read, is filled with a trademark Andrew sense of humor. It's hilarious in my eyes, and I can never read just one entry..which brings me to my point.

I was reading an entry which had a link to another entry.. In the original entry, he was talking about how he had a theory that he was a diabetic and that if he was right, he'd be a fool for things like "this." "This" was a link to the entry that this, entry of mine is about...

It is an entire post dedicated to what would appear to be a scrumptious dessert that includes a microwave, honey, marshmallows, and marichino cherries. I will dub them, as one person before me has, "Andrew's Nipples." A creation that he took a chance on.. I'm going to try it soon enough, I honestly can't resist. I know it'll be good!

Well, there were 46 comments listed for this particular entry. I read them and found all these people praising them and their wonderfulness. Comments of "Martha who?" I was waiting for someone to call them the second coming of christ! Those aren't the only entries, though.. There are plenty talking about how scary they look, which they do look rather creepy. There are more still, proclaiming that others have the same plates as Andrew... "Go IKEA" or something like that...

Well, as the posting themes become appearent-if you read them, pay no attention to the copyrights debate-the mood is set. After countless posts, there is a single person who says, "Um. Those are unmicrowavable plastic plates. I have the same ones. Not a good idea, Andrew; when heated up, that type of plastic releases some very toxic chemicals. Take care."

I got quite a few laughs out of it. Then, someone replies how it explains the condition of one of the sadder-looking Nipples.. It was funny. It's always funny. That's enough for now, and for those of you interested in reading the entry for yourself-which I strongly suggest that you do-here's the link: http://andrew.diaryland.com/newfood.html

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