Who wants flowers when you're dead? Nobody.
Seventieth Entry. One minute, 23 seconds.
03 SEP 03 | 2035 - Wednesday

One minute and 23 seconds. A lot can happen in such a seemingly small amount of time. Lives can be changed, worlds can end. One minute and 23 seconds means something different to everyone. To me, it means precision. One minute and 23 seconds is exactly how long it takes me to disassemble my M16A2 rifle. Push in the takedown pin and receiver pivot pin, separate the upper receiver from the lower receiver, pull back the charging handle, remove the bolt carrier and bolt, remove the charging handle, pull down on the slip ring and take off the handgaurds, take out the buffer and spring from the lower receiver and separate them, remove the retaining pin and the firing pin from the bolt carrier, push the bolt in and remove the cam pin. Done. One minute and 23 seconds. One minute and 5 seconds to reassemble. Soon, I'll be able to do both in less that 45 seconds. Lethargy has been lost in my vocabulary. Hesitation does not exist. Uncertain hands have become the tools of a well-trained mind. "Oh Mama, you can't see what this Army's done for me."

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