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Seventy-second Entry. Victory over the Tower.
10 SEP 03 | 2021 - Wednesday

Today was Victory Tower. An obstacle course standing 65 feet in the air, a giant of wood, rope, steel, and sweat.

Lukewarm milk given to around 212 soldiers to go with cereal, Pop-Tarts, a Nutri-grain bar, some fruit, and horrible orange juice. The fuel for a day of guaranteed exhaustion. None of us needed it. The sunrise slowly seeped into the morning sky, creeping through wooden planks and steel girders-the edifice of champions set on a background of rose/golden light and a lavender sky-many of us had motivation for fuel. Or anticipation. Inspiration. Even awe. Mine...mine was power. The power of self, the drive to have enough raw power to be the best, the power to conquer and say "I beat you. I have witnessed your trials and bared them. They could not phase me."

Victory Tower was fun. I did exceptional in all the rope bridges, thee cago net, everything. I didn't start out great with the repel, but overall, I did pretty damn good once I got going. I was down the wall in nearly 3 seconds. There was something spiritual about Victory Tower's conquering. It was also great to know that I did better than almost everyone else. I was faster, steadier, stronger. I did not just conquer, I became an extension of it, a working part going through it's challenges in precise navigation. I want to go back, but I won't get the chance. There will be bigger obstacles, and I will overcome them instead. I will conquer them with even more skill, more desire, more dedication. I will never be conquered.
"V-i-c-t-o-r-y. Victory, victory, that's my battle cry."

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