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Eighty-ninth Entry. Bringing up the rear again.
27 SEP 03 | 1744 - Saturday

It's me again. I'm here at my first CQ duty. I have one hell of a shift, too. From 1730 to 2130! Four hours of sitting in a chair answering the phone and standing up every time a NCO or officer enters. It's bound to be fun.

I've noticed a lot of different themes in my life lately. A lot of them have meaning, but not too many. It's strange when you pick up on the themes in your life. A little sad, too. It takes the mystery out of "why this?" and "why that?" I like being empowered with the knowledge, though.

ONe of the themes I've notices is what I refer to as the "Forest Gump Scenario." First, I'm from Alabama. Second, I'm in the Army. Third, Jones has lips twice the size of Bubba's. Fourth, The other day I wrote a letter where the heading was "Dear Jenny," and though she's my cousin, it was still the heading. Fifth, the cooks here serve us peas and carrots all the time. They taste great, a wonderful blend.

That's more of a recent theme, but it is one them. It's a little unnerving to feel as though I am the real life replica of Forrest Gump. At least we can both take apart our weapon with such speed, but I don't think my mind is as challenges as his. At least, I hope not.

Another theme that I have been noticing, is that I usually bring up the rear. Not in running or groups of eras, things of that nature. When I want to cling, things shift and everything I know and love about that particular thing changes.

I had fun at Dunbar for middle school. I enjoyed my time there, but I became lazy and failed the 8th grade with my lethargy. Well,for my year of reiteration, there was a new principal, new administration, and a lot of the teachers I'd had were replaced. Teachers and staff that had been there for years. Some had been there for decades.

Failing gave me complex, you could say, and I made a promise to myself to never fail or fall behind again. That's a promise that I've kept thus far and will continue to keep. Sometimes complexes can be healthy I suppose.

Since that change, though, a number of things have changed after my passing. Hell, it's been that way for personal relationships too! Courtney was never the same after me-not because of me, but because of herself. So it's not surprising that it is the same with BCT.

There will be less cadence and sounding off during PT sessions so that more exercise can be done. It doesn't seem like much, but it's a lot of lost motivation and focus for a lot of people. Even so, a bigger change occurring after I leave will be Delta Company of 1/28th INF REGT demise. We are the last cycle before Golf Company moves in and the "New Delta" takes some new, and presently unknown, residence.

Wow, to always be last. I do okay with the PT and everything here. Fourth platoon is the only platoon to not lose anyone yet due to "lack of motivation" or disrespect. We are getting closer to losing that claim, though. I'm fine with BRM and we all have the potential to be the best platoon Delta's seen yet. Still, to be the last. I don't mind it so much, but why I am the one chosen to wrap things up and call it game? Either way, it's good to know what has come before you so that you know the standards you have to surpass, the expectations you have to annihilate. I enjoy that much of it. It's my place, my obligation.

I wonder what they are going to do with all the Drill Sergeants. Some are going home, leaving the Army all together. Most, though, don't have orders for their next unit yet.

There are so many outstanding Drill Sergeants here, too. Jump Masters, Pathfinders, even some rangers. Fort Jackson is Support MOS BCT. There are no infantrymen training here. No armor, artillery. We have medics, mechanics, signal intelligence analysts. Reserve, National Guard, regular Army. They aren't too hard on us compared to if we were at Fort Benning or Fort Knox. They like to keep us together and be managed by support MOS Drill Sergeants. The this is, though, that while a support MOS DS might know everything he/she needs to know in order to teach infantry tactics, they are still missing some of the finer points that really do matter. I'm thankful for the infantry DS's, they taught us so much extra stuff with exercising, BRM, hand-to-hand. They corrected mistakes in Fire teams and the way they move. Not just that, but they explained why it's better they way they taught us.

Our LBE's are supposed to be worn around the waist by order of our First Sergeant. In the infantry, they tend to wear them around the lower to mid-chest. That way the ammo is easier to access, the equipment doesn't restrict hauling ass, and it's just a better fit.

The Fort Jackson low-ready is with the M-16 butt stock underneath the arm, held by the arm pit for support with the barrel point approximately one inch to the outside of your non-dominant foot. The correct way is basically the same, except one minor detail that means life or death in a real situation. The butt stock should be out from beneath your armpit and placed against your shoulder so that the butt stock is partially in your socket. That way, should you see an enemy target aiming for your death, you will be able to raise the weapon and get it in correct placement that much quicker. That little bit of time makes a whole lot of difference, the movies are wrong when they show someone firing and they're not supporting the weapon. Rounds jerk, sights help A LOT, and you only have so many rounds in one magazine.

I don't like putting it so bluntly sometimes. The second to the last thing I want to do is kill anyone. Anyone. But the last thing I want to do is die before my will is done. Sad but true, a good statement and a great Metallica song.

At any rate, if we lose these Drill Sergeants along side of the genuine Delta company, that will be a great loss. Some of the soldiers that would have received their training might end up a paid $250,000 life insurance policy sent to the primary beneficiary. I hope that these DS's stay...and when they do go, someone as dedicated to precision soldierization (yes it's a word and the Army loves it) takes their place.

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