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Ninety-Third entry. Of Pride and Preju-delicious dessert!
03 OCT 03 | 1130 - Friday

I qualified. I did it. I got marksman (Order: Marksman = 23-29 ; Sharpshooter = 30-36 ; Expert = 37-49 ; Hawk eye = 40), but I'm happy all the same. I got 27 and I'm proud considering that on the first day I got 24, the second 23, and now 27. I was a first time go everyday and saved my best for when it counted the most. Good job Private Gibson.

A bit of interest relating to 27, I shot on lane 13 again with weapon 4-213. I hit 27 targets. Out of 40. So how many did I miss? Thirteen. I knew it was going to show up somewhere, but where I didn't know.

Heh, I just realized earlier today that is was 2113 when I started that post about the "phenomenon". And it was 1113 when I started this post. A surprise? Not hardly.

At any rate, I'm happy and proud and not so damn cold! This morning it must have been around 30 or less! We had our BDU's (Battle Dress Uniforms) on with our wool inserts and leather gloves. Also, our field jacket and we were still freezing our asses off.

Well, I'm done for now. More to come later. And yeah, I'm proud of myself, so I'm going to get some dessert at chow.

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