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Ninety-fourth Entry. "The push-ups!"
09 OCT 03 | 2107 - Thursday

So, it's been a few days since I last added anything. I've thought about writing more, keeping my posts up to date, but I guess I'm getting a little lazy about it. Also, I cherish the few hours of sleep that I can get. I thought I loved sleep when I had endless days of it, but now, when I get only 4 hours before a day of hard training...I cherish it. I truly cherish it.

So, I'm not the only one that gets a little lazy from time to time. Earlier this evening, DS Moreno came on the intercom with a crackling demand, "The push ups!" So everyone in bays 1 through 4 replied with a loud and thunderous roar, "The push-ups, Drill Sergeant, the push-ups!" Then, we promptly hit the floor, palms flat, backs straight.

Some didn't comply, knowing that there was no way for them to be found out. However, I complied. What would it do? Make me stronger? Exactly.

"In cadence, exercise! One, two, three, 1. One, two, three, 2. One, two, three, 3..." Two counts equal one push-up. Four counts equal one repetition. We did a mere 10 repetitions or so and we were done. NOt much, really. But still. Getting dropped via intercom. There's a lot of laziness/trust in that. Either way it was a lot more fun than the smoking session we had earlier. I had a coat of sweat laying me in visible thickness. I enjoyed it all the same. It makes me stronger and my body look better.

So, I've been realizing how great I had it. I live in the moment, but it's hard sometimes. Finally, I understand why childhood is the best years of your life. I know why my brother still lives at home and I partially envy him for it.

I miss waking up at 10 AM and eating a big bowl of cereal at my own leisure. Watching TV all day long and playing video games. Those mid-afternoon naps with the sun dimming just for your pleasure. I won't mind retirement one bit; I can hardly wait for twenty-six years down the line. I was not meant to work. I want to be a dharma bum. A hermit, especially. Oh well, the opportunity will come.

I'm stressing the Christmas Break, actually. I'll return to the good love for two weeks, but it will be the last time for years to come that I'll have that kind of freedom. Maybe the last time ever. That's part of the problem in knowing and understanding that it may be the last time for something. Anything. I'll just have to live it up to the max and hope it's enough to last a lifetime.

I'm going to spend at least one day and night in Gulf Shores sporting my sweats. I miss it. I miss the friends and family, but I still want to be here. I want to stick to my decisions. Oh well, it's getting late and I'm getting tired. I need my sleep. Goodnight.

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