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Ninety-ninth Entry. Drop the grenade, throw the pin.
2004-05-01 | 3:11 p.m.

It's catch-up day today! And I'm almost done, too! What, only grenade qualification, the end of cycle APFT and nothing much else, right? Yeah, I think that's just about it. If not, oh well.

Grenade qualification was incredible fun. DS Pagan was slamming people against the wall along side DS Williams. No, they weren't slamming people against the wall; they were checking to see how tightly people were holding onto their grenades with systematic force.

One female, Kosmicki, wasn't holding on quite tight enough and dropped her grenades to the ground (NOTE: practice grenades, not M-67 Frag grenades). Well, there was no threat because of all the safety devices and the fact that they were still in the protective casing. On the contrary, DS Pagan was so afraid for all of our lives that he had to throw her onto the ground on top of them, and then jump on top of her to make sure no one else got hurt. It was...hilarious.

I did well. I performed all the proper procedures and got the grenades within killing range of each of the targets I was engaging. I correctly identified all the grenades, and in the end, I earned the Expert medal. We have to wait to get them, but they're coming all the same.

I'm glad I got Expert. I got Marksman with my M-16. Now I get to wear two medals rather than just creating a ladder of qualification. I intend to keep practicing until I get Expert in both. After qualification, we got to throw one live M-67 Frag grenade. Powerful little buggers that will send shrapnel hurtling over 150 meters from the point of explosion. VERY powerful buggers, especially for something that can fit so easily into the palm of your hand. I wish I could have kept the pin.

There weren't any injuries that day. It's not a miracle by any means, but I kept thinking of that Pauley Shore movie "In The Army Now." I kept thinking about that part where he threw the pin and dropped the grenade. I was pretty funny in the movie, but I'm glad it didn't actually happen.

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