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100th ENTRY!!! A Boston Cream pie.
19 OCT 03 | 0958 - Sunday

I think that this is the first Sunday that I've actually made any progress. I still have to clean up my wall locker. Laundry day was yesterday, so I have a bag full of clean clothes waiting to be put away or packed tightly into a rucksack for Victory Forge. Tomorrow is the start of our excursion to Victory Forge, and it's strange to think that. Strange to think that BCT has nearly come to an end. It wasn't at all what I expected, but at least it has been fun regardless. I'll miss some of the people. Holmquist, Love, and especially Dawit.

Yesterday was the end of cycle APFT. Fifty-point minimum for each of the three events. Fifty points translates to to thirty-five push-ups, forty-seven sit-ups, or two miles in 16 minutes and 30 seconds. I haven't passed the push-up event once since I've been here, no matter how close I've come. I can easily do 200 push-ups. Anyone can, but Army-issue push-ups are a different story. "Breaking the plane" isn't as easy as it sounds.

I was worried. I've been doing an inordinate amount of exercise the past few weeks in a grand attempt to build myself up to the standard. I wanted to go to DS Valdez's line because she'd count every correct push-up performed, and thus, I'd get around 50 of them. I wasn't the only one with this plan, but I was one of the last ones in an attempt to secure my position. So what happens? I got the esteemed pleasure of being is DS Doliber's line. My worries increased three fold.

I got to thirty-two and kept going. However, she didn't. "Thirty-two," she repeated two or three times in a tone that made me realize how inconsequential my PT score was to her. I managed to make it to forty, though, and got 57 points.

The other two events didn't have me stressed too much. I'm a sit-up king...and my run time was in the safe zone. I managed to total 81 sit-ups-which is more than 100 points-and two miles in 15:25. It's eleven seconds slower than my last run, but fair enough to get me sixty-six points. A combined total of 223 points, so I was relatively pleased with my overall performance. I had Boston cream pie at lunch and 4 coconut cookies at dinner as a reward to myself yesterday.

I'm spent. I still have my wall locker to straighten before lunch and it's just now 1006. I get to go to the PX today and make a phone call! Good, good.

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