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2004-06-19 | 1416

I'd like to sum up everything that has happened in a short manner.

For starters, AIT was an absolute blast. I went home for Exodus and had a good time catching up with old friends. Even better, there was a wounded soldier returning from Iraq on the same flight, so when I come strolling into the open view I have TV cameras and a horde of applause and other unknowns welcoming me. It took them another two minutes to realize I wasn't the guy...I enjoyed it while it lasted.

I showed up again on Valentines Day to the surprise of all but Mimi. Finished out AIT and went back home for two weeks. It was a blast of a time, as usual. My brother got married to the wonderful Amanda the day before I left. Now, I'm an Uncle to a niece and a nephew...and another niece is on the way.

Before I left for Korea, a few of my friends showed up at the airport to see me off. It warmed my heart to see them all there, and I took too long to say "bye" to each of them...and, well...missed the flight. Good thing, I got to spend another hour with them all and still made it to Korea. Which is where I've been hiding out since April Fool's Day.

I've made lots of friends, often stay up far too late playing 15 others at Halo, and have someone become something of a popular jock. The type I mocked in high school. Oh well, football in the rain makes for good times. In other news, Koreans are awesome, and I've met this one that wishes me to call him "A-bur-gi" (Dad) while he attempts to swindle me into an empty pocket smile.

I've left out a few entries between this and the last, but nothing has really been skipped aside from notations of loneliness that the internet need not the finer details of. Besides, I'm still a little lonely, so I'm sure those that care will hear about it anyway.

For now, I'm going to consider myself all caught up. This is the new point from where I will progress in the story that few have the desire to read.

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