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To write them.
24 January 2012 | 02:27

I wish to write to the future personalities of my children, and I recognize that the first step is to discern what, in fact, to write. I am aware that I'm often long-winded, especially when talking to them. I'm even more aware that my eloquence is more in my writing than it ever was in my voice. I suppose I hope to illustrate to them an understanding of me in the pieces I do not let them see. And not just that, but to guide them with a parchment of a little hard-won wisdom. The problem of content remains looming, however, since my mind drifts to such varied many topics with little relevance amongst them. I suppose I would want them to learn the value of courage and leadership. I power of determination, and that disappointment is often the prize for relying on others for personal goals. I would like to explain something we all know, but seem often to forget-that cliche's do tend to wield truth in them that is both reliable and fairly timeless. I wish to impart, also, an appreciation of history and its importance..and the relevance of man's greatest question's through time.. questions that plague me on silent nights in bed..that plagued Gilgamesh-our oldest celebrity. Physics, as well. All sciences, really, but physics because the theories therein can usurp whole philosophies. For one thing, why would the universe's shape be flat? I suppose the first things to address, however, would concern strength in determination, importance of taking charge when it's your place to do so, and to rely on oneself for solutions. This is just a start, at least.

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