Who wants flowers when you're dead? Nobody.
Time for another change.
24 September 2013 | 00:00

A constant stream of distraction pulling me in every which way that I am left threadbare. My own sense of worth slowly eroded under the pressure of my weight, my failures, my glaring inadequacies. My attempts to push forward and set aside my insecurities thwarted as advances are rebuffed. The age old well springs of my confidence now barren, I work not hard enough to find new points of pride. It is no one but me. That fat reflection looking at me in stupor...with a lying grin and a false pomp. My lonely mind pulling me towards lonely thoughts. It's all about that one question, thought, isn't it. "Am I enough?" Every time I feel like I can answer yes..I am faced with something new that makes me doubt..and I'm again left with such crushing words crippling my psyche... "maybe I'm not..."

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