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Seventy-eigth Entry. Fireguard isn't so great...
24 Sep 03 | 0013 - Wednesday

Fireguard again. Same shift as the other night, too, 2400-0100. I don't know how the list worked out for tonight. I'm normally with Elliot or Hatfield, but tonight I'm with Thrasher. I don't really mind any of it, but the whole alphabetical order is screwed up, and it's left so that tomorrow night I might end up with a shift again. Sacrifice is gain, I suppose.

Fireguard is a good chance to get to know your battle buddy. Everyone here has a girlfriend, a fiance, or wife. I'm one of the few here that came here unattached, and I don't regret my decision to do so. Thrasher is a pretty cool guy-one of the those southern gentlemen from Alabama that don't really exist anymore. Hatfield is okay himself, he's a little arrogant, I think, but he's not such a bad guy. It's so funny to here him say, "Frickin' Hernandez!"

Unfortunately, it's also an opportunity to get preached to by your fellows. If you're me, you don't get upset because you know exactly what the other person is saying, and you know why they are saying it. But, when you speak your mine, they don't have a glimmer of a hope in understanding your point of view. Not only do you know this, but you accept it and adapt to it.

I like talking about my beliefs and my value system. I like getting to know other people deeper that the surface. It's all pretty cool, and I'm just glad that I know how to adapt to being so desolate. Maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to meet someone like myself, male or female. I'm fine with being alone, but it's still nice, you know?

Well, my shift is over and I have a long foot march approaching rapidly. Wake up is at 0400. Man, that's early! Well, I'll be in touch. Sweet dreams and goodnight.

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