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Nintieth Entry. Hybrid Family
29 SEP O3 | 2028 - Monday

The day has been pretty good. We woke up extremely early to go to the shooting range. I, being on detail, woke up even earlier. Sadly, as a result, my sheets did not get turned in, and it has causes more drama than it's really worth. That's a different story and we'll leave it that way.

Since I was on detail, I got another MRE for breakfast. The lemon poppyseed pound cake had me thinking that I was in France munching on some of their trademark desserts. Yum. I was freezing my ass off, but it was still a great meal.

Detail fired first, just after the sun came up. There were shadows on the 300 meter target that made it difficult to see, but I passed all the same. Besides, I guess it's a little more realistic that way. With a 31 out of 40, I'm pleased. Maybe not as pleased as Redifer who got 39 out of 40. A job very well done. Heh, Redifer is quiet and old. He hails from Idaho and you could count his teeth on one hand. I admire him, though, for various reasons.

The range was nice. It was misty just after dawn. There was dew on the grass; the sand was still cold from the night. The rounds went off and shattered the woods with their clamor. Pop-up targets rise and fall with the violence of a simulated kill, yet there...there are butterflies flapping their fragile wings. Utterly undisturbed. It was an odd sight to see. I got an image of a blood-soaked battlefield with corpses filling the open plain, and a butterfly hovering over the slaughtered in its beautiful flight. Erie, the kind that gives you the chills.

It was nice to see the Drill Sergeants from a different view. DS Doliber and DS Valdez were kinder than usual today. It was exceptionally out of character for DS Doliber, but not too much so for DS Valdez.

The Army, as I've learned, is an extremely close-contact organization. Very touchy and emotional. Taking showers in a room with multiple people, living with them 24/7 and no hope for immediate change, being held liable for what others might do...is easily understandable how bonds are formed and hybrid families are made with these forced friends. It'd have to be touchy to work, I suppose.

I wanted to write more, but I'm exhausted. I've already fallen asleep twice. Time for bed, goodnight. Fire guard in the morning.

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